A 5 segundos truque para cristina

Escrevi um artigo mostrando a minha visão desse assunto e as melhorias desencadeadas por essa mudança.

[45] Cristina was missing a cardio attending to teach her, so as a gift to her, Owen brought a new cardiothoracic surgeon to Seattle Grace, Teddy Altman, a friend of his from the army. Teddy later confessed her love to Owen, which complicated Cristina and Owen's relationship a bit.

Ele perguntou quem era TBA e foi informado da minha empresa, de que já se destacava. Ele ficou curioso e agradecido através homenagem.

C. and Arizona informed her that a heart had become available for Link. She scrubbed in with Alex and reminded him of how good he is, suggesting he was putting all that talent in a drawer by taking the job at the private practice. Unbeknownst to him, she had laid him an envelope on his bed, leaving him her shares of the hospital. She requested that Maggie Pierce, her new boss, prep Link for her.

 Owen and Teddy made repeated efforts to engage, but Cristina was apathetic. The attendings tried to give her easy cases, understanding of her PSTD. Also during this time, Cristina and Meredith's friendship was tense. Cristina becomes frustrated that Meredith was seemingly recovered while she was still mess up. Cristina insisting that Meredith's wails to save her husband were part of the reason why she was still suffering.

Cristina Boner: resulta. Você me mostrou unicamente um clipe demasiado curto, contudo eu conheço este livro e sou familiarizado com ele e com o trabalho de que você fez ou qualquer trabalho ou personagens que eu me preocupo profundamente, colecionei quadrinhos de modo a toda a minha infância, ainda provavelmente 10.000 quadrinhos do polybag qual eu me recuso a me livrar, e toda vez que 1 filme de quadrinhos seria feito em minha juventude, porque eles não eram fabricados, geralmente, bastante natural, eu espreitava através de uma rachadura em meus dedos de modo a olhar como personagens iria acontecer, e a todos os momentos foi bastante estressante de modo a mim, porque eu tinha investido amplamente em muitos personagens variados.

Cristina accepts they move forward, until Owen's psychological damage from war begins to manifest itself as PTSD, first throwing Cristina into a shelf, requiring her to get stitches, and then strangling her in his sleep. Callie and Meredith take the defensive and prevent Owen from seeing her, but Cristina claims she is fine. The two have a moment and consummate their relationship, only for Cristina to break up with Owen because she is terrified of falling asleep next to him.

 To defuse the situation Jackson pulled out the wires connecting Derek to the heart rate monitor making it look like Derek flatlined. Appeased the shooter left the room and Cristina starting working again. She successfully saved Derek's life, but the incident traumatized her so completely that for months afterward Cristina practically refused to operate. Meredith and April operated on Owen Hunt's gunshot wound in a different OR. After Cristina finished with Derek, she went to visit him and agreed to marry him.

Cristina sat down and started staring in front of her while mourning the loss. She and Meredith eventually decided to go look for Derek, until he appeared with a bleeding hand.

However, her exclusivity to rare surgeries incited jealousy and suspicion from the other interns. George subsequently witnessed one of Burke’s hand tremors, and confronted Cristina about it. She frantically denied it, but suffered a crisis of confidence and eventually confessed everything to the Chief.

Although she pretended to not care, Cristina was hurt home by his decision and decided against telling Burke about her pregnancy. However while in surgery with Burke, she collapsed from an ectopic pregnancy and her left fallopian tube burst.[42] Burke was shocked to find out about the pregnancy, but Cristina reminded him that he broke up with her. Despite that, he was the only one whom she allowed to comfort her when she could not stop crying from her grief.

Soon after, she started a sexual relationship with Dr. Parker, resulting in quickies in his office. Through her, Parker was informed on the old surgical procedures that Thomas doing. During a phone call with Meredith, Cristina revealed that having sex was her way of trying to fit in, making friends. She confessed she didn't even like Parker, but it's not necessary to like a sex friend. However, she became regular friends with ancient guy, telling Meredith he was her bestie, the Minnesota version of Meredith. She reassured Meredith that Parker was fine and that it was just a way to get an orgasm.

Cristina eventually broke the silence, and Burke asked her to marry him. Cristina was stunned and only accepted his proposal after eight days of hesitation. However, she refused to wear the ring he gave her, saying she doesn’t do rings.

 Eu aprendo com eles porque você sai e explora partes por coisas de que eu nunca vou executar. Eu identicamente conjuntamente aprecio isso enormemente.

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